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  • 26% lighter than a standard bar at 32" length
  • Extremely tough, makes work easier without reducing
  • Nose fastens with a single rivet, and is securely held by
    wide, strong, overlapping ears
  • Long nose takes most of the abuse, minimizes wear to the
  • Lubri-Dam® oil-retaining feature prevents oil from running
    out the bar's tail, keeps more oil on the bar and chain*
  • Lubri Jet® oil holes reduce oil-hole plugging and enhance
    bar-chain lubrication*
  • 3/8" pitch; solid body; replaceable sprocket nose; standard
    radius nose

  • Recommended Saw Size: 4.0 cu. in (65cc) and larger;
    Lengths: 28" - 37" (70 - 94 cm)

The professional user's bar with the reduced weight body.
Power Match® Plus
Reduced Weight Bar