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  • Micro-Chisel® cutters feature small-radius working
    corners for excellent performance and ease of
  • Always install 95VP chain on a Micro-Lite™ bar (ML, MG
    or MP part numbers) to obtain all the advantages built into
    the Micro-Lite™ system.
  • Patented Chain Steel - OREGON OCS-01 steel is
    patented and provides greater durability, especially in
    cold cutting conditions.
  • LubriLink™ tie straps help keep oil where it's needed - on
    the chain
  • LubriWell™ oil holes help carry oil around the full length
    of the guide bar's groove
  • Top-plate witness mark makes accurate sharpening easier
  • Vibe-Ban™ chassis design reduces vibration 25% or
    more at the handles.
95VP .325" pitch, .050" gauge
OREGON® 95VP chain is a green-label chain; it meets the low-
kick-back performance requirements of ANSI B175.1 when tested
with OREGON® Micro-Light™ bars.

Recommended Saw Size: 35 to 57cc, Bar Length: 13" - 18" (33-
OREGON® 95VP chain is part of a Micro-Lite™ narrow-kerf
cutting system that requires less power from the saw to cut
than standard cutting systems and meets the ANSI low-
kickback standard
95VP Chain